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AMI Fivefold Ministry School

Certification and Credentials

To request a Certificate, Degree, or Credential, please navigate to the relevant section below, add it to your cart, and checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you send your payment, make sure that you have completed all the neccesary courses.

If you are not sure which courses are required for a particular rtificate or degree and you are a student of AMI Fivefold Ministry School visit:

If you are a student of the Prophetic Training School, then please visit to view which courses are neccessary for a Prophetic Ministry Certificate.

If you are requesting Probationary Ministry Credentials, we require a recent portrait photo of yourself before we can proceed. Also, these credentials are only valid for one year and must be re-issued annually.

Full Ministry Credentials are only given to those who have earned a Master Degree and have been ordained by the laying on of hands of the AMI Leadership.


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(For Students of Prophetic School Only)

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(Applicable to all students who have completed all courses necessary for a Major)

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Request Ministerial Credentials

(Only applicable to students who have attained a Major or Master's Degree)

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